Former Professional Wrestler becomes Minister and Life Coach!

Hi Folks. My name is T.R. Hicks, but you can call me Tim if you like.

The headline is true. I am a former professional wrestling personality (wrestler, manager, referee, announcer, and promoter). I ended my wrestling career in 2016 as the promoter of Arizona-based Western States Wrestling.

That was a great time and being in the wrestling business was a dream of mine since I was a little boy. These days, however, my goal is to help other people achieve their dreams.

I’ve always been an encourager and like to speak honest words of affirmation to everyone. I even speak words of affirmation to our two dogs and two cats. They may not understand the words, but they get the idea through the tone. I’m certain of that.

From The Ring to the Pulpit

In 1999, I took a huge step in changing the direction of my career and my life. That was the year that I became an ordained minister and concentrated less on my wrestling career.

Over the next few years, I became the business manager and associate pastor of a small church in Avondale, Arizona. It was in that role that I really learned how to coach and counsel people of like precious faith.

I also had the opportunity to perform many weddings and funeral services and to counsel those involved: both the couple getting married and the families grieving a lost loved one. That is priceless experience.

To Businssman

As a child, I had several dreams that I wanted to accomplish in my life. They were to be:

  • A professional wrestler – DID IT
  • A published author – DID IT
  • A business owner – DID IT SEVERAL TIMES
  • A preacher – DID IT
  • A country music singer – HAVEN’T DONE IT… YET!

Over the years, I’ve owned many businesses. I’ve been a wrestling promoter, a book and magazine publisher, a network marketer, and an IT consultant.

I’m a big believer that you can do almost anything you set your mind to, but sometimes it’s hard to settle on exactly what that thing is.

Analysis Paralysis

Throughout my life, I’ve had periods where I had so many great ideas and goals that I wanted to pursue that I didn’t know which way to go first. Oftentimes, I would just get confused and not do much with any of them and that’s a shame because many of those great ideas were outstanding!

As I talked to other people, I discovered that they had the same issue. So many great ideas running through their minds that they all just became a great big jumble. Looking for a solution is what led me to life coaching.

Now, I have to be honest here. When I first heard about life coaching, I thought it was some “hippy-dippy” nonsense and I wanted no part of it. And, truthfully, a lot of life coaching is exactly that. It wasn’t until I discovered CHRISTIAN life coaching that my view on the subject changed. As I looked into it, I discovered that Jesus himself was the ultimate coach to His disciples. Sure He was much more than that, but coaching was a big part of their relationship. Once I realized that, and I saw the value in having a Christian Life Coach, I decided that was the career path for me. After all, I’ve been informally coaching people my entire life and I knew that it was time to work with more folks and help people discover and make the most of their God-given gifts and talents.

Perhaps you don’t even know what your gifts and talents are. That’s OK. I didn’t always know mine either. Let’s schedule a thirty-minute meeting and try to figure some things out. For a limited time, I’ve discounted this introductory call to only $29.95 and, should you decide to continue with life coaching, I’ll deduct that from the first month’s fee.

Why do I charge a fee for the introductory call? That’s a good question and there are two big reasons for it:

  • First, it protects my time. Time is a very valuable resource and people sometimes don’t show up for the appointment if they have nothing to lose. This gives everyone some “skin in the game” so that the no-shows are fewer.
  • Secondly, people tend to take things less seriously if they’ve paid nothing for them. We often equate the value of something with what we’ve paid for it. I don’t want anyone discounting the value of this call. The value you will receive far exceeds the small amount I’m asking for it.

I look forward to working with you to make the most of your God-given talents and abilities.

May God bless you richly.